Just married!

This is Vivian (91) and Alice (90), and they just got married. They’ve been dating for 72 years, and together they have visited all 50 US states, all the provinces of Canada, and been twice to England. Quote Alice: “We’ve had a good time”.



by Sebastian Errazuriz

According to statistics one in five women on a given college campus will be raped; 85 percent of those women will know their attackers; and 90 percent of those rapes will go unreported. The male student athletes accused of rape often receive support from the schools while the girls tend to suffer public shame until silenced.

According to legal reports, athletes represent a disproportionately high percentage of sexual attackers. School administrations, coaches and even the community tend to defend them because they represent the values of the school and because of the power and ultimately, money involved. Considering the NCAA estimates college sports generate about $6 billion in revenue a year, one could infer that money often stands in the way of justice.

The jacket and its potential sale will help fund the legal defense of a future victim of college rape and provide a broader public awareness and discussion of the issue.